Email Account Information offers free email accounts to qualifying users of any department or division of the Gibson County Government so long as the elected official or supervisor of that department approves.

By applying for an account, users specifically agree to the terms and conditions of use and any revisions to the terms and conditions of use.

Summary of Terms & Conditions:

  • Email Accounts are Provided Free of Charge
  • 25MB boxes are provided
  • and SomaGroup make every effort to provide a secure environment for incoming and outgoing email messages, but like any public email system, this should not be considered a secure provider of email.
  • and SomaGroup pledge to keep email messages and account details private and will not disclose personal or user information or email information to any outside party except as directed by a court of competent jurisdiction or as otherwise provided by law.
  • has no existing facility or ability to comply with the Tennessee Open Records Act or any other local, state, or federal law requiring records retention -- you should follow your local or office policy as concerns email or records retention.
  • Email accounts may be revoked or suspended with or without notice due to abuse or misuse. email addresses are provided for official use only.
  • No warranty or guarantee of service availability is provided either expressed or implied.

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